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New Research Center Builds on Capital Absorption Work

By Erin Shackelford

Center for Community Investment LogoLast week the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy announced the creation of a new research center focused on capital absorption

Since 2012, David Wood (IRI) and Katie Grace Deane (IRI) have collaborated with Robin Hacke, Marian Urquilla, and others, to develop and explore the concept of capital absorption, or the ability of places to attract and deploy capital in support of low and moderate income communities.  The formation of the Center for Community Investment is significant validation of this work.

NEW IRI/RWJF Report Advances Capital Absorption Work With a Focus on Pioneering Health Institutions

By Erin Shackelford

When hospitals invest everybody wins.“What can communities do to make it easier to attract and deploy capital and leverage other assets to achieve their social goals?”  This question, central to the concept of capital absorption, is addressed in a new report which applies the concept to hospitals and health systems.  Released today, “Improving Community Health by Strengthening Community Investment:  Roles for Hospitals and Health Systems” is co-authored by Robin Hacke (Kresge) and IRI Assistant Director Katie Grace Deane.  With support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Hacke and Deane expand their work on capital absorption into the area of hospitals and health systems, examining how these institutions may be able to drive community health improvements by investing in the social determinants of health.