Convening Series

Convening Series

From 2010 to 2012, the IRI hosted the Quarterly Convening Series, an initiative led by Steve Lydenberg that brought together groups of 25-30 key thinkers every three months to discuss topics central to both the theory and practice of responsible investment. Each of these one-day sessions assessed the current state of each topic, promoted interdisciplinary dialogue, developed analytical tools and frameworks, and catalyzed action to bring the field of responsible investment to its next level. Each session resulted in a summary publication.

In keeping with the IRI’s mission of catalyzing research and leading-edge thought on responsible investment, the Convening Series focused on development of the theory of responsible investment (Theory of Responsible Investment Series) and on the appropriate and successful use of asset classes in responsible investment (Asset-Class Risks and Rewards Series).

List of Convening Series Events

December 2010 – Transformative Concepts of the Responsibilities of Investors : Building a Narrative

March 2011 – Cash: Societal-Level Risks and Returns

June 2011 The Future of CSR Reporting: Should Corporations Set Societal-Level Goals?

September 2011 Commodities as an Asset Class: Appropriate for Responsible Investors?

February 2012Financial Innovation, Complexity, and Agency Theory

December 2012– The Problem of Growth…Is Growth: What Does Growth Mean in a Context of Sustainability?