Impact Investing Club, a Student Group at Harvard Kennedy School

The Impact Investing Club (IIC) was founded to educate the HKS community about the emerging field of impact investing and equip its members with the skills to succeed in the field of Impact Investing. In contributing to building the body of knowledge across the HKS community, the IIC fosters relationships between the students, the broader HKS community, and the Impact Investment industry. The IIC has held speaker and panel sessions with industry leaders, and aims to build capacity to offer recruitment sessions with leading global impact investing firms, experience exchanges with the HKS alumni in the sector, and support for impact investing competitions and initiatives.

Co-chair: Shermin Luo

Co-chair: Joel Lee

Co-chair: Andre Almeida Santos

Finance Officer: Ella Han

Communications Officer: Ray Zhang

For more information email Shermin ( or Ray ( To sign up for IIC emails, fill out this form.